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The Streaming Media Service is a facility which permits its users to upload video (in Digital Video format) and audio (in a choice of formats). It then converts that input into a user-selected set of formats suitable for streaming or downloading.

Access to downloads can be world-wide or restricted to the University at the uploader's choice. Other than that there is no restriction on download users. Upload users must be registered and access is usually restricted to staff.

To upload material, or view media marked as visible only within the University, you must log in.
This will redirect to Raven and verify that you are a member of the University.

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Latest uploads

Kalmyk Cultural Heritage Project (EPOS JANGAR)

Kalmyk Cultural Heritage Project (FOLK SONGS)

Lines of Thought: Discoveries that Changed the World

Kalmyk Cultural Heritage Project (LIVESTOCK BREEDING/HORSES)

LCIL International Law Seminar Series

Kalmyk Cultural Heritage Project (DANCES)

Cambridge Lectures in Islamic Art

CIPIL Intellectual Property Seminar Series

Andrew Chamblin Memorial Lectures

Kalmyk Cultural Heritage Project (LIVESTOCK BREEDING/CAMELS)

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